Monday, April 30, 2012

So many blues, so little time...

Hello and happy day-before May!! It's exciting and a little daunting that it's May already; only one month until our show opens.  This week is my final week for any wet-work to get finished up- most of the work will get bisqued later this week and then it's all about the glazing, baby.  And all about the blues.  I tell ya, I'll be singing the blues for the next few weeks, but it'll be all worth it.  I promise!

Speaking of testing blue glazes,  Krystal and I have started a 'kindred' blog and a Facebook page for more info.   The blog was created to show the process and background to creating work for the show, but I'll be sure to mention a few things here too.

The main concept for 'kindred' came about as I 'met' Krystal online, thinking that her work came from a similar sensibility and process to mine, while being completely different and unique to Krystal.  I felt our work was 'kindred' and knew we had to bring our work together in some way.  So, with the encouragement of Arounna, who generously offered Bookhou as a place to hold our show, we all met together, about a year ago now.  In the meantime, lots has been happening- I got the big Anthro order, we all have had our share of press, shows, sales and other bits of business to keep us hopping over the last year.  Big sigh, and here we are in May and the show is only 1 month away.  So exciting- we'd love you to join in the kindred spirit of it all, so please, come by and please do say 'hello'!


Krystal said...

Love this! What a year eh?

dahlhaus said...

I know, it's been a wild ride, heh?