Monday, October 14, 2013

New Herringbone Dip Trays for Fall

You might have seen my sneak peeks of these herringbone trays on my Instagram feed or Fb page  over the summer.  Recently when I dropped off work at one of my local galleries, one of the staff asked whether I had any of the herringbone trays in my box.  Well, I'm kind of slow when it comes to new work.  Slowly but surely I sort out how I'm going to make multiples of a new design.  I like to make sure I have the right clay for the job (I chose the most white, and luxurious porcelain for these plates), the right glazes and the right pattern combination to bring it all together.  I try to sort out all the trouble shooting I can (porcelain can be so pernickety).  So these trays are kind are the beginning of what I hope will be more to come.  I currently have another slab mould drying out for a smaller/deeper rectangle version of these trays (they will look so sweet together!).  I have been making more of my pattern templates, based on other designs that I usually use as glaze patterns.  I've been mixing some new glazes to add (because we all know I love colour!)  Everything in ceramics takes a little time. 

I've been envisioning these as a great lunch or breakfast plate, the perfect collection of plates for a party (because they stack so well), or a luxury catch all for jewelry on one's dresser.  They can now be purchased here!  More to come soon!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back Alley Evening Stroll: East Van

It's a really pretty time of year.  There are tons of leaves changing colours and each street in our new neighbourhood seems to be lined with a different kind of tree.  I'm waiting for the street next to us to change into bright red maple colours, while our Oak lined street is turning to brown leaves with acorns falling all over the place.  It makes me a little nervous on the street lined with chestnut trees, these huge clod-hopper chestnuts falling at random. 

Hope you are having a great fall- I'll be back with more news over the next few weeks!