Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mountain top wedding

Ok so I have seen a few phenomenal-looking weddings on photography blogs and websites before.  You know, amazing photographers with stunning photos of over-the-top gorgeous brides in stunning settings
Well we pretty much checked it all off the list with this one. Mountain top resort: check.  Gondola ride for the guests, checking out the resident Grizzly Bear below as we head up to the top: check. Stunning bride with amazing dress and veil arriving in a helicopter!!: check.  Ice-wine martinis and appies on the patio overlooking a 360 degree view at 8000 ft.: check.  Ok that's probably enough of a check-list, but needless to say, we had quite an amazing time at the wedding of one of Dean's former skate club kids.  Dean even got a temporary permit to perform the wedding ceremony so it was pretty special.  And we got to hang out with some friends from Calgary who also left their boys home with the grandparents.  So, yes.  Good memories for sure!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Something fresh

Hello!  It's been a busy few weeks at the studio and I'm at the stage where I've just had to put my head down and 'get 'er' done (sooo close!!)  Things are coming along, but to be honest, I'm tired.  I got hit with a cold this week and it's taken the wind out of my sails.  I haven't had time to take photos or blog lately, mostly because things have just been all about getting back into the routine of fall, packing up orders, finishing up new orders, trying to complete old orders, and wondering how a day can go by so fast with so much left to do. 

For fun I thought I'd switch up the stripes on my vase in the last firing, just to see what I thought.  It might be something I work with a few of my glazes- I also thought I might work on some colour pairing instead of the white.  That's the one thing that's great about my glazing method- I'm never limited to things being one way, even though I admit that once I find a way and a combination that works, it can take me a while before I'll be willing to try something new.  After pulling out hundreds of these vases from the kiln this summer I've been ready for something 'fresh' to lay my eyes on!

We are heading out of town for a wedding this weekend.  It's up in the mountains, about an 8 hour drive from Vancouver.  We won't be taking the boys (thank you Grandparents!!), but Dean is involved in the wedding so it will be busy but possibly a good little break for both of us.  I'm hoping to get some much needed rest so I can start feeling like I have the energy to get back to finishing all the work I've started all summer. What a good feeling it will be when it's all finished!

Friday, September 16, 2011

21 Pop Shop

I'm just popping by to let you know about a Pop-up Shop for the SF Art and Design Show & Sale that my work is part of!  A few weeks ago Lauren & Derek from The Curiosity Shoppe in SF contacted me to say they were curating this Pop-up Shop  (called the 21 Pop Shop) as part of the event and asked if I could be involved!  So I'm thrilled that the work arrived in the nick of time (literally!) to be part of the shop!

Here are the details if you are in the San Fransisco area- it sounds like it's going to be an amazing show! 

SF20/21: san francisco art and design show & sale

september 16-18, 2011
festival pavilion at fort mason center

open to the public - show hours
friday & saturday: 11am - 7pm
sunday:  noon - 5pm

admission $15 - includes show catalog and re-entry
featuring 30 premier national and international exhibitors presenting decorative and fine arts from all design movements of the 20th century.

I'll be posting very randomly over the next 2 weeks.  I'm currently packing up my huge order to be shipped out, starting another order that is over-due for a local shop of mine and trying to keep all the balls of family, school and life up in the air in the midst of it.  Something had to give and it's been my blog- hope you will understand.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hello!  Just popping in with a few instagram pics for you- if you would like to follow along, I'm under 'dahlhausart'.  I have a theory that instagram will be the new twitter... I much prefer following people visually then following people's tweets.  And an image is worth a thousand words, isn't it?

I've had a busy week, getting the boys back to school and working at the studio.  I'm almost to the packing stage of this large order so the end is in sight! I'm off to buy boxes today, I loaded possibly the last of the glaze firings yesterday, so my head and body are starting to come down from all the work involved, which of course means I'm struggling with a bit of a head cold. I'm hoping to be able to sit back and relax this weekend and really enjoy the last bit of summer this weekend!

Hope your weekend is great!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

summer skies on the shore

I've been looking through the photos I took this summer and noticed that I took a lot of 'sky' images against the backdrop of the ocean.  Photos of skies and sunsets never seem to be quite as amazing as being there in person, but somehow these are the images I want to keep in my mind as we head into the school year.  It's with a twinge of regret that I head into fall.  Perhaps it was that the summer seemed so short this year with the weather in July being so cold.  Most likely it's that my kids are getting one year older, things are getting busier and more complicated.  Nothing is staying the same, but is constantly changing and moving like the tides in the ocean and the movement of clouds and sun in the sky.  The rhythm of fall is going to be starting up again, and the swift tide moving towards the end of the year is coming much faster then I could imagine.  I just want to soak in the beauty a little longer...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Atomic Ranch: Cool Stuff!

My work has been featured in Atomic Ranch's Fall 2011 issue!  It's a magazine of all things mid-century and modern, so it's amazing to be highlighted, considering a lot of my inspiration comes from this era!
I've been receiving some lovely emails from shops and readers of the magazine and while I don't have a lot of work currently available, I do take pre-orders via email (  I have a lot of new work currently drying out on the shelves, getting ready to be glazed over the next couple of weeks, so thank you in advanced for your patience!
I've had such an extremely busy couple of months creating work for some amazing retailers and a pop up shop, as well as sending work to a set design for a TV show, all things I can't wait to share on my blog very soon! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Embracing the gold within

Just in time for the golden hues of fall, I'm  managing to embrace this colour with a few finds from the thrift shop.  I couldn't resist the sunny pattern of this enamel plate, which fits rather well into our kitchen.  It's one of those things about our place that I wouldn't change even if I owned the house... our kitchen, that is.  Albeit an odd layout, with a very small eating area, I love the cheeriness of the tiles and golden counter.  I'm sure I would have cringed at this colour in the 80's but I can't quite seem to get enough of it now!  So much that I also bought this blanket for the kids bed.  Whenever I look at it I think of a summer cabin- it kind of has that feel and look to it, like it belongs in someone's cabin.  
Perhaps it's because it's mis-matched and a bit odd. 

Well, here's to the weekend- the long weekend!  School starts next week and I have a bit more to do to get the boys ready, lots more to work on in the studio and I'll be saying 'goodbye' to Sarah, my summer studio intern.  I'm sad to see her head back to school- she's been amazing in the studio with me this summer!  Her enthusiasm and hard work has made this massive undertaking all the more do-able.  I really couldn't have asked for a better assistant for the summer and wish her all the best this year at school. She's got big plans for her career: with her hard-work, attitude and talent, I have no doubt she'll make it happen! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

This Charming Wedding

I'm always excited to catch a glimpse of my vases in action! This week  I received a lovely photo from one of the owners of the Green Room, a shop that carries my striped bottle vases in Courtney BC, on Vancouver Island.  This is from her wedding (congratulations Cortney!), photographed by Crystal Clear Photography, with re-finished vintage furniture by Gabriel's Attic (also available at the Green Room)! Such simple and lovely styling, don't you agree!