Friday, April 20, 2012

End of the week round-up

Happy Friday to you!

I've been in the studio this week working (specifically wheel-throwing) with a beautiful, but expensive porcelain.  I have had some mis-haps clay-wise lately that have me reconsidering which clay I use, however at double the price per box, this clay will have to be reserved for special occasions.  I'm conserving all parts of it- it just feels too precious to waste.  I'll show you some samples soon- I've been making espresso and latte cups again, which is always fun.  Haven't done that for a while, but recently had some new motivation.  Apparently a potter friend of mine sent one of my short latte mugs to her niece in Australia, and got a message from her brother who was wondering why she only sent one of my mugs their way.  The family has now been fighting about who gets to use it in the mornings because it fits so nice under the espresso machine and it's so lovely to use.  Such nice feed-back, heh?

We will be celebrating my dad's 65th birthday, spending time with my little nephews and hopefully doing some more gardening over the weekend if the weather can be sunny and nice.  The boys have gotten into wanting to buy plants as 'pets' these days- which I am pretty excited about.  I think a pet plant is a great way to go (along with our cat), so even though all our neighbours have new puppies, we will stick to growing our cactus collection.   

Have a great weekend!

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