Sunday, April 1, 2012

Post NCECA 2012

La Mesa, Santa Fe Clay

The amazing selection of mugs for sale

A small exhibit of ceramics at Pottery Northwest

The first exhibit we went to at the Kirkland Art Studio
 To say going to my first NCECA was overwhelming was an understatement.  I'm scrolling through the photos I took, wondering how to organize the next week of posts and have decided to create a few 'ceramic crush' posts as a start- just featuring work I saw from ceramic artists that were new to me or people's work I feel that I have a new appreciation for having now seen the work in person.  Ceramics is such a tactile craft and I enjoyed thoroughly the process of being able to touch and feel a lot of amazing pots.  On the other hand, I was really impressed with the level of sculpture and installation ceramics out there- often times this kind of work doesn't resonate quite as strongly with me.  It's astounding at the level of diversity that one medium creates with each person's own hand, skill level and interests, so it was really amazing to see ceramic artists pushing the medium in all directions. 

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