Monday, April 2, 2012

NCECA crush: Linda Lopez

Linda Lopez combined ceramic sculptures with paintings on paper in such a lovely and inventive way.  It's also a bit of a no-brainer that I would fall in love with her work- the simple abstract curvy repeated shapes both on paper and in a ceramic scuptural form were right up my alley.   The mostly white and grey palette with hits of pinks- both this orange/neon pink colour and a very soft pale pink, are really very hot and fresh colours right now.  Of course I was loving the cactus scuptures in matt grey- what's not to love?  And finally, the seemingly random, yet considered installation of the work altogether; little pink pebbles on the floor with loosely placed paper pinned sometimes in groups to the wall; a long sculpture made to hold up a framed painting that doesn't line up perfectly.  These are the details I couldn't get enough of. 

See more of her work at The Clay Studio here
(Please excuse the 'meh' photos that don't do this work justice.  A lot of the exhibits in the Seattle Design Centre were lit by pot-lights.  This work would look so stunning in a home with natural light casting different shadows depending on where the window would be, don't you think?)

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