Friday, June 11, 2010

In the studio this week

It's been a busy week and lots has been accomplished.  Here is a sampling of what will be coming out of the kiln later today.  Large Platters and plates, teapots of the Poppy and Ginko variety,  lots of bowls, and a few more blue bird tile frames that already have homes to go to! Well ok, there's also the odd mug that didn't turn out in the last firing and a few more poppy bottle vases that will be off to the Glitz Gallery in Winnipeg (along with a bunch more stuff)! There has been a little more silk-screening going on in the studio, and some new wheel-thrown forms, with thoughts of new glazes and designs brewing in my head.  Not only did I manage to do all that (without my summer studio assistant, who is currently at Haystack), but I somehow squeezed in enough brain space to do some touching up some of my paintings that I managed to drop off downtown today.  So yes, busy week in the studio.

Here's why:
We are going away for the next 5 days to a really beautiful place that we go to each year for Dean's staff conference.  Since there is some child-care provided for the mornings, I will be taking my laptop along to get my PST (provincial sales tax 7%) worked on for the past 6 months since the HST (harmonized sales tax 15%) is due to come in.  Boo.  I know.  It's really no fun.  The fun part of the 5 days will be in all the hiking, the zip line, the swimming at the beach and the pool, and playing ball hockey with my boys. 

I'm getting ready for our big studio shop, an open studio with some amazing artists and designers in my building on June 26 & 27 from 11-5.  If you are in Vancouver, you should come. It's going to be great.

One night only, The Cheaper Show is happening on June 26th and I (and 199 other amazing artists) am showing 3 paintings all selling for a mere $200 each for one night only! Did I mention that it was only for 1 night? Anyways, I dropped the paintings off yesterday and judging by the empties on tables from last-night's 'brainstorming session', it's going to be quite the art party. Indeed!

So that's been my week!  Oh, and I haven't forgotten.  Yes- I must announce a winner for the cupcake stand give-a-way.  It's truly my pleasure to announce that the winner is:
 Maryka who wrote: beautiful stand for those beautiful cupcakes! I would love to have such a roost for my confections!
I think those truffles she's been making would look mighty fine on this cupcake stand!

Thanks again to all of you who entered and made my week so bright with your lovely comments and suggestions of how you would use my cake stand!  I loved all the ideas and also, just to let you know that those cupcakes by coco cakes were melt in your mouth delish!

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maryka said...

Oh, Heather! I'm so excited!!! Thank you so much. When I saw that I had won, I was scanning my google reader at work and did a little squeal of delight in my cubical. I can't wait to start piling delicious treats onto it!