Tuesday, June 22, 2010

studio shop: Bronsino Designs

Bronsino is both recycled and new leather bags designed and made by the lovely Denise Wilson.  Whenever I walk into Denise's studio I find myself saying 'Oooh, I love that one... oh, I haven't seen that one before... hmmm, I think this is the one...'. The classic designs, excellent craftsmanship, and quality of material make these bags an investment you can wear for a lifetime.
Denise is also the designer behind Patina Designs, a line of accessories, silk-screened change purses, leather-bound daytimers and other items that make such great gifts!  She will be offering 15% off of all her designs at our 2 day studio shop this coming weekend and up to 70% off seconds and samples.  It's a very good weekend to finally pick out that hand-bag I've had my eye on...

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