Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lovely Homes: Part 2

Ok here's a few more homes that I was drooling over on my walk with the kids the other evening.  The sun was casting some serious shadows and washing out the windows on some of these, but you get the idea... it was a lovely evening to be outside taking pictures of the homes in the neighbourhood that I like. 
Our neighbourhood is a real mix of these lovely, charming houses but then there are a lot houses like ours, a little bungalow from the 60's that is sitting on a $million dollar lot.  So people with the cash to buy the property are just coming in for the view, tearing houses like ours down and building these monstrous houses that lack in the charm and character of the houses you see above.  All the little details that make these homes so lovely- like a curved roof, gabled windows, arched entryways and porches and ohhh, the windows, make me glad to live in such an architecturally diverse area.  Living in the suburbs with homes that are all the same, cookie cutter shapes of themselves doesn't seem quite so inspiring. 

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Lola said...

Lovely indeed! :)