Thursday, June 10, 2010

Noticing: Succulents

I've got a thing for succulents.  My aloe aristata and aloe vera greet me daily on my window sill by the kitchen while I wash the dishes.  It makes hand-washing our daily dishes a little more bearable with a few flowers or plants to look at while I scrub away.
Walking in the back alley the other day had me finding little spots in rocks or stumps where people have creatively planted succulents.  These plants are great for someone who doesn't necessarily have a green thumb because: if you forget about watering them for a while, it'll be ok- they somehow manage to thrive without a whole lot of tlc.

Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter my Cup-cake stand give-a-way! Thank you for the overwhelming response- I look forward to doing another give-a-way again soon!  The cut-off for entry will be tonight at midnight (PST) and for those of you who by accident entered twice (or 3 or 4 times:) I've just added one entry to make it fair for everyone! Also, I'm off to the studio for the day so I'll upload all the entries later tonight when I get back, that's why you won't see it in the comments section right away.

If you want to be in the know for my next give-a-way, become a fan on the dahlhaus facebook page! More work in this design and pattern to come soon...

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