Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedluxe Magazine: Western Canada

Well it's going to take a very keen eye (and possibly a magnifying glass, lol) to notice my cake and cupcake stands in the newest Wedluxe Magazine for Western Canada, however, if you do peer close enough, you will see them being used as props for the wedding favors and shoes both on the front page and in the main article called 'Imagination in Plume'. The actual cakes they were hoping to use didn't fit in with the theme of the shoot, which is a bit too bad...  The photographer, Sherri Koop, shot all the photographs in film so there is a real dreamy light that made this shoot absolutely gorgeous! Sherri has shot photos of our family in film a number of times. As a talented photographer and a dear friend I'm really thrilled for her debut magazine article photography shoot!  Congratulations Sherri!

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