Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Look-out

It truly is amazing to me how fast the time flew this month.  June seemed to blink by, the boys had their last days of school yesterday and today, and now it's summer!  The weather hasn't been great all month and, while it started out all sunny and balmy this morning, the clouds rolled in and the air cooled off, I put on a sweater and made some tea and wished it actually felt like summer was here.

Today has been a good day to look ahead to what the next 2 months will bring.  Kelly (my part-time summer studio assistant) and I sat down this morning to talk about some up-coming orders to ship off before I take holidays in August. She received a very large order at the studio shop herself (yay, Kelly!) and will use part of my studio and the kilns to work on this.  It's been a really great to have her back in the studio after being off for a few weeks at Haystack.  Since I only have her around until she goes back to Emily Carr in September, it will be great to have her extra set of hands to help me get through the summer months. My first experience of hiring an assistant could have really flopped, but I'm happy to say that it has been great.  I know that finding the right person that suited me and my personality as well as having that right person be in the right place in life to want to do this has made all the difference in this regard. 

On the home front, the boys are looking forward to a good summer of lots of neighbourhood play dates, some camping and more time as a family. Lots of plans are still in the works on this front but I don't want to miss out on summers with young kids because I was working too hard.  It will be good to enjoy trips to the beach, picnics, going to the out-door pool and doing all the fun stuff that makes for good memories as they get older.

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