Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kelly Austin

There is a reason I've felt a lot more relaxed over the past 2 weeks- I've had some extra help in the studio! My new studio assistant is Kelly Austin, a 3rd year ceramics student from Emily Carr University.  Kelly's own work is a really lovely, minimal combination of both throwing and slip-casting.  I love her use of coloured slips in shades of grey on her slipcast work. Soon you will be able to purchase her work at Walrus! Yay! 
I'm really pleased she has agreed to help me out in the studio for a couple of days a week over the spring and summer months so I can get ahead on my busy fall schedule.  So far she's been awesome at picking up on my methods of making.  To boot she has to listen to me say 'It's not rocket science, but it felt like it was when I was figuring it out!' a million times while I show her how I do things. 

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