Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brown for Thursday

You can't talk about brown with out talking about coffee. I'm a big coffee fan and snob, I might add. Our favourite local coffee roaster, JJ Bean, makes one of the best lattes in town, with latte art to boot. That was my inspiration for these low latte mugs of mine. Low so that they fit under the home espresso machine, wide so you can attempt to make that foam look pretty. Look pretty that is, until you pour the raw sugar on top and have to stir:). Dean drinks espresso- no milk and no sugar. I'm determined to make more of these little brown espresso cups in time for Christmas, but they are usually at the bottom of my list. I'm still not sure about the design too- will have to tweek out a few thoughts on these once I get at them!
And last, my new uniform for the fall, this great Ralph Lauren Plaid shirt I found at Value Village for $4 that feels too cosy to even take off at night. I know you can't really tell what it looks like on me here, but my good friend Sherri did a swell job of making it look great on me here!

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RedorGrayArt said...

Heather , i enjoyed your interview at Stephanies and have loved my stroll thru your blog..your work is very lovely ~ elk