Monday, June 18, 2012

Now available online

I have up-dated my shops both (my webshop and Etsy) to include some new work- mostly some mugs that were some of the ground work for the 'Kindred' show.  
I've been getting some emails about the availability of specific work from the Kindred Show that is still which is still up at bookhou until the end of June.  Please get in touch with to get information about pricing and shipping on any work you may be interested in!  It's been well received so far so thank you for such great support so far!


Carolyn said...

Oh Heather I love the tall mugs on this post! The colours and the glaze - I'm typically a short mug person but I think this is my favourite so far!!

dahlhaus said...

Thanks Carolyn!

amy h said...

Ooh, I love the drippy fade on the blue cups -- right up my alley! Pretty.