Monday, June 4, 2012

See you in Toronto!

I'm leaving for Toronto this week and am really thrilled to be seeing some great people along the way! So far the events look like they will be really well attended, but I've still had a few wacky dreams where I'm talking at the Gardiner Museum to an empty room.  I'm sure if my expectations are that low, I'll be pleasantly surprised ;-)!

Alright, there are many last-minute things that I'm wrapping up, along with stuffing a few extra pieces in my suitcase that I pulled out of the kiln this morning. What I will leave you with is an image of an old piece of mine, circa 2000, that was part of an exhibition of historically inspired ceramics at the Museum of Anthropologie at UBC in Vancouver.  The teapot, cup and saucer come out of the tray (if you were wondering).  It's just one of the many images I have of old work- I managed to find some old work and re-photograph them for the slide show. 

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