Monday, June 25, 2012

Last week for the Kindred Show

It's the last week that our show at Kindred is up and available through bookhou shop in Toronto!  Please do stop by if you are in the neighbourhood- things have become a little more sparse then when we opened but it's still a beautiful show to see!

I was so pleased with how this show turned out- it felt like a real treat to be able to plan it with Krystal and Arounna- I look forward to more of these types of collaborations and special projects down the road.  I think as a full-time maker I can get bogged down with some of the daily grind stuff- the orders and the business side of things (taxes/paying bills etc.) and sometimes forget what an amazing opportunity I have within my work to reach out and connect in a larger way.  The meaningful side of my work reveals itself when things like this happen- when a show of friendship and mutual promotion as artists and makers encourages us to create in a way we might not have otherwise.  So for this, I'm so grateful!

As for the studio this week- I managed to get some flooring for the new space this last weekend at the flooring auction (me + 2 boys + flooring auction= a little craziness, but it happened!), so this week I'll be finishing up some work to get ready for the renos.  I'll post some before pics soon.

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