Monday, May 9, 2011

Things are growing

Hello!  How was your weekend?  Around here things were pretty low key.  You know, a walk to the library, attending a history fair, watching movies, dinner with the neighbours, floor hockey for the boys, and some serious gardening when the rain finally let up.  With all the pruning and weed-pulling, and planting, the garden is finally starting to look ready for growing!  Now all we need is some sunshine and warmth, of which we have had very little.  Nope, not complaining, just wishing...

I'll be working on a few things at the studio this week- namely getting some new work finished for the Crafthouse YVR Airport Shop and the Gardiner Museum Shop.  In the past couple of years I've begun to realize there are seasons within my work: show season and shop season.  I'm currently in 'shop season' or wholesale season, which means that the bulk of my studio time is spent filling orders for galleries along with a few online orders that come by.  And while I was hoping to do a show this spring either at the studio or somewhere in the city, I don't think I'll be planning for it this year, considering that things are so busy already.  I'm glad to have some time on the weekends to spend with the boys, work on the garden and hang out with the neighbours. 

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