Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Recently animator Hilary Moses contacted me about a commission to make some mugs for a project she's been working on... for the past 10 years.  She's hoping to finish a short animation all about a woman named Ester who works in a ceramic factory making creamers and is day-dreaming of doing other things while she's making them.  All of the animation in the 14 minute film is hand-drawn and digitally hand-coloured to give the film a hand-crafted look.  So while the premise for the animation is about making ceramics, it's also about animation and some of the tedious and repetitive processes that both mediums face.  Quoting from Hilary's blog:
"Creamers is about process and artistic aspiration. The process of painting, the daily repetition of painting for a living and the desire to elevate oneself to a higher form of expression. In Ester’s case the move up is a winding staircase that leads through a mysterious haze to teapots. The part of the studio where patterns are designed not painted."
Needless to say, I'd like to see the animation.  There are concepts within the film that totally relate to what I do, albeit I'm not usually daydreaming of being somewhere outside of the studio, I'm usually dreaming up new designs while I'm making the old ones.
So I wanted to help get this film finished.  And you all can too!  Hilary's hoping to raise her goal of $8000 to complete the film and she's very close to that amount (she's at $6205 with 45 days to go as I write this post).  Please watch her video about the film and tweet/facebook or blog about it. Perhaps you can offer some financial help to finish the film.  You may even get a handmade mug by yours truly as a thank you if you do!

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