Saturday, May 14, 2011

Anthropologie sneak peek

My vases at the new Vancouver Anthropologie Shop
I was going to write a post on Friday morning to give you a sneak peek of the new Anthropologie, but Blogger was down and my Thursday post and some comments were missing so I left it until today.  I was at the opening of the shop with the mad frenzy of women loading up their arms with lovely clothing- clearly Vancouver's Anthropologie was much anticipated!! It was great to catch up with a couple of people I knew and to see my vases beside Holly Becker's new book Decorate, which I'd been wanting to check out since I heard about it on her blog.  Lovely!!  I didn't brave the line-up for the till- after all, it's not a pop-up shop, it's here to stay.  I'll go back when all the buzz and hooplah has subsided and I can actually browse the shop and try stuff on without standing in line for over an hour. 
I'm spending the weekend and early week finishing up a few other orders that really need to get out by the end of the week.  In the meantime, I've been waiting to hear back on a couple of magazine publications that were supposed to come out in June perhaps showcasing my vases.  If anyone reading this blog has a 'Real Simple' subscription, can you give me the heads up when you get your June issue?   It would be in the summer gift guides- perhaps weddings?  Not sure, I sent the work their way to be photographed about 3 months ago and you never know with magazines what makes the cut!
Thank you for commenting on my blog lately, apparently I've had more comments then I've realized with previous posts and I wasn't paying attention.  Somehow more people are finding their way here and I appreciate your presence here. 
Have a great weekend- here's to hoping it doesn't rain for the entire weekend out here again!!


Chloe Lees said...

Somehow I was completely unaware Anthropolgie was opening here - how exciting! (And thanks for the info!;) )

I've just recently found your blog, but have admired your work for quite a while - it's just lovely!

Judi Tavill said...

How about in NEW JERSEY????