Monday, May 16, 2011

Fredi Rahn's Studio Sale

I hope you had a great weekend! I took some time on Saturday to swing by Fredi's studio sale and thought I'd share some pics with you.  I managed to come home with some lovely little plates (the 'star/hexagon' plates that you might notice in the photo with the cake stand) and I'm looking forward to using them all summer long.  They are the perfect size for olives or veggie sticks, a small brie cheese wheel, or even as desert or snack bowls.  I might have to go back for more, since they stack so well and I love the feel of them. Such lovely ceramics at Fredi's sale.  I also had my eye on a rectangular serving dish, but clearly it is not my birthday yet. And how great are her fence toppers?  They function to protect fences from the rain, and to make you look twice when you walk by.  I love when ceramics takes you by surprise!
Hope your monday is great!

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