Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vinyl Art 2

Ok so here's the story: we get records from people we don't know, people who hear about Dean's interest in record collecting and want to unload their hundreds of records that have been sitting idle in their basement onto us. A few years ago, Dean came home with boxes and boxes of records to sift through, records he had gotten from an older lady out on the West side who's husband had passed away. Her husband had great taste in records- all the great jazz records were there, including a substantial Frank Sinatra collection and a wack of Elvis records. Interestingly while I was looking at one of the Elvis records, I noticed some writing on it... is that... no.. can't be.. but it kind of looks like it's an Elvis signature, no? Well, it does say 'best wishes, Elvis' on the record cover, and maybe it's wishful thinking, who knows. (Incidentally Elvis did perform a concert here in Vancouver many moons ago. Plus, what avid record collector would fake sign an Elvis record?)

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Ashley Schott said...

So cool. My favorite is Soft Sands!