Friday, September 25, 2009

First off I do want to thank every one for contributing their favourite go-to blooms, for the lovely comments, and for entering! I would love to have give-a-ways more often and I appreciate your interest!
So without further adieu: the 2 vases go to entry #101- Judith who wrote:
For me it is Crocosmia. They remind me of my grandfather from South Africa, of my mother in Victoria BC who grew them in her front garden and of my wedding day on July 15th when I went to the florist the day of the wedding and bought a huge bouquet of them. Lots of memories!
and entry #52- Michelou who wrote:
I love dahlias and peonies, but I prefer them right out of the garden rather than from a flower shop!
Please email me at with your address and so I can email you with a couple of choices (unless you already have a vase in mind, I'll let you know if I have it at the studio). Thanks everyone for stopping by and don't forget to check out the interview Stephanie did with me here!

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