Monday, September 14, 2009

down low, up high

We took some time on Saturday to take the boys up to Mount Seymour to hike up to Mystery Lake. I find hiking extremely therapeutic and energizing- something I don't do nearly enough because of my tight schedule and the kids just starting to be old enough to go with. I think the part of hiking that I enjoy a lot is that you really have to concentrate on every step you take while climbing up the mountain. While looking down, you notice the most amazing flowers, shrubs, mushrooms, and roots that are close to the ground. At the same time you keep wanting to look up and around you to see the views, look at the tall trees and the blue of the sky. We snacked on wild blueberries and swam in an alpine lake, and then sat on the stationary chair lifts, imagining how different the landscape will look covered in snow in a few months time.

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