Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Magic of Kroma Paints

While at my studio building I've been fortunate enough to get to know Kevin from Kroma Paints, a Vancouver Acrylic paint maker. You know the micro-breweries or micro-roasters that are all the rage these days, well Kroma is like a micro-paint shop where they make small batches of artist acrylic colours by hand, package them and sell them directly to the artist community within Vancouver. Their paints are really lovely to use, their Gesso is smooth and thick- it's the best I've ever tried! The other day when I was on Granville Island I stopped by their shop (their storage and making studio is at the Mergatroid where my studio is, their shop is on GI), and had a little visit to see what they were up to! I nearly fell over when I saw 'Vancouver Grey' a colour they make from the scrapings and leftover pigment at the end of the year- essentially they re-use this to create a unique colour instead of throwing it out. The visit inspired me to get back to doing some more painting, really a paint store ought to do that, inspire their artists to paint!
P.S. They sell their paint online! Visit them here!

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