Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Organelle Design

Your in for a real treat today in my 'local etsy finds series'! Organelle Design is the collaboration of Vancouver environmental and architectural designers Alexander Witko and Courtney Hunt, who have a flair for re-inventing the everyday object. I'm feeling some Brian Jungen in this work, but love that it's practical, clever, and environmentally conscious! A combination of discarded bike rims and hangers or waterbottles make up the materials for their 'Hangelier' series of Chandeliers. While the concept for construction remains the same, various bike wheel sizes create small changes between each individual 'Hangelier'. Their interest in salvaging material to re-use has also led them to community-minded approaches including some non-profit projects in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Check out their etsy site and their website for more purchasing info!

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