Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lemon Bars & Honeysuckle

Signs of summer in action: honeysuckle and lemon bars! Since I needed to bring something to a little pre-film premiere party with Faythe Levine, lemon bars seemed like the perfect Summer treat to make yesterday! I used the ol' Best of the Bridge recipe book (although this one is similar and online), and since I was doubling the recipe, I changed the crust to include 1 cup ground oatmeal and 1 cup flour. I found the crust a wee bit on the buttery side and was wondering if I could lessen the amount of butter and add a couple of teaspoons of water or something- maybe egg whites to hold the crust together, since there are no other binding agents besides butter for the crust on this recipe. I might also consider a little less sugar, although, lemon bars are supposed to be sweet, chewy and a little 'melt in your mouth' all at the same time. I was glad there were lots of treats at the party and I was able to bring a few home for the family!
Speaking of the party- it was a great little gathering with a really nice mix of local people within the design and craft community that I hadn't met before. It was nice to see some of the faces behind emails and other online contacts and hopefully there will be more of these little gatherings to come!

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