Monday, May 7, 2012

Then and now

My mom passed on a photo that she had found in an old photo album of downtown (Hastings Street?) Vancouver from the 50's.  It's always a bit astounding to see how much has changed in this young city of ours and how much continues to change.  This is a city that seems to be constantly evolving.  Every time I drive towards the Fraser Valley to visit my parent's or Dean's folks, the route is a little different.  The lines on the roads have shifted, there are new overpasses, and soon a new bridge too. 
Our little neighbourhood has undergone some huge changes in the last couple of years.  We live in an area of North Vancouver that has a real mix of old, small houses, along with some newer ones.  When we first moved here about 6 years ago there were a lot of elderly people on the street who had raised their families in the neighbourhood. We ourselves are in a cute old home- our landlord has owned this place since the early 80's, when much of this neighbourhood was still affordable. Now the prices in our neighbourhood are sky-high, and the only people who can afford the view are those also with the means to tear down the house and build a brand-new one.  So all around us old homes are being torn down and re-built to be large 'monster' homes.  More then ever I notice all these luxury cars driving down our street, or big boats and RV's in the driveways or out back.  In most cases, I can understand that if you have paid serious coin for a property, you want to be able to live in a house that reflects this.  But I can't help feeling sentimental about the character of our older neighbourhood having changed so much in so short a time. 

I'm very hopeful that my website will be up-dated, along with my video being launched some time this week (optimistically speaking). There has been so much going on studio-wise that is really exciting these days, that I am having to manage so many things all at once.  I've been really thrilled to have a studio intern from Emily Carr University start last week too- a really lovely gal who will be able to come by the studio once a week for some extra hands over the next couple of months.  Training has already started and it's nice to see she is a quick study.  It's my 3rd summer taking on a studio intern from my old art school and it's really been an amazing experience for me.  I seem to always find someone so lovely and keen to learn, as well as someone who fast becomes a good friend.  

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