Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New gardening approach

 Gardening has begun!  I decided to take a new approach in gardening this year- only planting what grows well in the larger garden plot in the back of our yard (ie: potatoes, peas, kale & zuchini) and then creating more planters for the sunny spots in the yard. I seem to keep an eye on them a little more, and hopefully the extra sun and frequent watering on my part can grow some really great food in the summer months.  My beans were full of aphids last year and I kept forgetting to pick the lettuce so it went to seed too quick.  I'll keep you posted on whether this will be a good change.  These old crates are a good manageable size too!

Hope you are having a good week! I'm working towards a glaze firing, but may also be able to up-date the shop over the next little bit.  The website up-date is coming a little slower this week (now from Munich- my web-developer seems to have the most amazing travel schedule! Last time he did the up-date it was from Australia...) but hopefully I can launch it all soon!  So excited!

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