Tuesday, May 29, 2012

lucky number 13

Thank you to everyone who entered the give-a-way last week! Considering that facebook is deleting posts with links to my blog (now considered 'spammy'), I appreciate those of you who found my blog and commented!

It was also really nice to hear which posts resonated most strongly with you.  The most common post listed was the 'designer verses maker' post- which is one I've thought a lot about over the past year.  As I am currently preparing for my talk at the Gardiner Museum I'm trying to find ways to include some of the thoughts I have shared here on my blog at my talk, so it was good to hear what you find interesting (a give-a-way with a purpose, so to speak;-)!

Ok so I picked a number from a teacup and it was lucky number 13- which was the comment from Catharine! Please email me at heather@dahlhausart.com with your address and a colour preference of mug and I will ship it to you over the next couple of days!

Today is photo-shoot day at the studio with my photographer Curtis.  I couldn't justify making all this new work for the 'kindred show' and not properly photograph it before it gets shipped off to Toronto.  I really pushed myself into some new directions with the work and while there are a few pieces yet to be resolved, I think over-all the work is going to be beautiful alongside Krystal's work and in the bookhou shop.  So excited for next week!

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