Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quilt Pattern Triangle Mug in Turquoise

I'm busy these days working on glazing work for the Kindred in Blue show coming up in Toronto early June so most everything that I pulled out of the kiln on Monday is a shade of blue.  However I did manage to get a couple of turquoise triangle mugs in the shop for now!
In other news (been a big week in the 'news' department!) I have a new favourite herringbone design that needs to be photographed- super excited about it.  I'll try to give you a peek here soon.  I'm trying to leave myself enough time to glaze and also photograph my work before it needs time to ship- timing is always tricky.  I had originally been hoping to re-vamp my website a month ago, but this is the way things roll sometimes.
Thank you all for the lovely comments, for the inquiry emails and orders from my shop! Off to the studio!


Lisa Clark said...

That new pattern is fab! And I love your turquoise colouring... can't wait to make more purchases. Would love to see them in that smaller latte size for under the coffee machine!

dahlhaus said...

Hi Lisa- Yes, these are a little tall for the espresso machine.
I have some latte sizes (wide and low) that I'm currently glazing for my up-coming show. Hoping I'll have a few extras for the shop, but if not- I'll try to make more!