Thursday, May 17, 2012

Come sail away with me

 I managed to find a few things to spruce up the mantle a couple of weeks ago.  The oval mirror was a free find, but I picked up the framed embroidery on linen and camera at Value Village.  It's nice to shake things up a bit for spring and have something 'new to look at. 

It has been quite a busy week- thank you to everyone who stopped by my updated website and spent time watching my new video.  As someone who, after 5 years, is still trying to make a living (i.e. not just pay my studio bills) at selling what I make, I do hope you can appreciate the thought, time, and effort that goes into what I make and do.   I didn't launch the video as a 'how to' make ceramics the way I do, but as a bit of insight to the amount of work and care involved.  While the online craft community is a little over-saturated these days, I felt that opening up about my process would validate that there are makers out there that are really working hard to create beautiful, hand-made objects from scratch.  So thank you for your encouragement this week!

We are off to Princeton for the long-weekend to have a much needed break as a family at an amazing camp!  I was able to stock up on Polaroid film to try out an old polaroid camera that I have had for a couple of years, so I'll be back with hopefully some really beautiful images of the landscape!
Hope you have a great long weekend!

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