Friday, May 25, 2012

May long weekend

Every year our family joins a few hundred people up in Princeton for a camping weekend that is pretty special.  While not as warm this year, my boys didn't seem to notice.  They were having too much fun.  The kids (with suckers in their mouth...) noticed a little group of deer in the forest- that's the closest we've ever been.  And hockey, whenever you want it.  Sasha got to be in net for the big hockey tournament with the big kids.  As you can see, he needed a little extra help! Hard to move around with all that padding, I'd say.

Hope your week has been great. I've been glazing all week getting ready to photograph and ship the kindred work off next week.  It's long hours in the studio with sore hands and neck at the end of every day, but the largest load is in and cooling now.  Phew, hope it all works out.  Fingers crossed!

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