Wednesday, October 20, 2010

photoshoot time!

Monday was my big photo-shoot day at the studio with my good friend and photographer Curtis Hildebrand.  Planning for a professional photo-shoot takes a little effort- to be able to have enough work, and enough new work to warrant a photo-shoot has been a challenge to achieve when my time is normally spent making work and then selling work.  I've often thought it be so nice to have a set up so I could just photograph the work as it comes out of the kiln.  Every time I do a photo-shoot, however, I realize that there is a reason to hire a professional.  Not only do I get extremely professional photos, but all the tweaking that goes into getting the background just right is something worth paying for.  Plus, it's great to be able to support other artist friends of mine who are really great at what they do. 

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