Thursday, October 21, 2010

One of a Kind poster child

Well, what can I say... I'm pretty darn thrilled to be included in this year's One of a Kind Show's marketing campaign.  They chose 5 or so items from this year's show to use and my Poppy Teapot was among the list, which means... (drum roll please) work is going to be on the side of a bus!! And on a billboard!! It wasn't enough that at the Interior Design Show I walked in and saw this huge sticker on the carpet with my teapot on it, and that one of my latest bowls was included in the booth promoting the show.  So photos will no doubt ensue.  Pictures of me, beside a bus with my teapot on it.  Just wait for it, people.  It might just get a little cheesy with all the shameless self-promotion. 


Laura Bucci Handmade said...

Congratulations!! I saw my cup cozies on the promotional cards yesterday! What a sweet surprise!

Unknown said...

amazing heather! so excited for you.

Linda L. Holden said...

Hi Heather!
We are absolutely thrilled for you! That bus thing is very cool and you are becoming sooooo famous....I brag about you all the time to my Red Deer friends. Looking forward to you beside the bus ......that shameless promotion stuff.... so I can have pics to include in my rants and raves.

Auntie Linda and Uncle Bill