Monday, October 4, 2010

Coffee dates and lasting love

Dean and I have been sneaking in the occasional morning coffee date after dropping the boys off to school.  Our favourite little spot happens to be Moja, which serves the most amazing Thomas Haas croissants.  It's quite the treat and feels oh so luxurious.
We are coming up to a pretty big anniversary, Dean and I.  We've been planning an anniversary weekend in a couple of weekends and have booked ourselves a great hotel in the city to celebrate. Coming up to a milestone in a relationship has me thinking about how fast the time has gone, especially once our kids were born.  And here we are, 15 years later, still looking forward to our coffee dates and little nights out. I'm very thankful for how 'easy' we've had it in the relationship dept.  We truly were in love when we got married and have been able to foster that love and have it grow over the years.  It's truly a gift.
We've had a lot of friends separate over the past few years and we still feel shock and sadness when we get the news (I guess we're not numb quite yet). You never know what happens behind closed door, if people are really happy together, if they really love each other, or if they are staying together out of obligation.  It's all sad and part of life, but somehow, when you attend someone's wedding, you want it to be for real and for always.  There's something so great about lasting love and the hope that brings. 

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Anonymous said...

So very true. We just celebrated 40 years. The simple little dates...going to the farmer's market together on Saturday mornings, or taking time out for a trip to Fairhaven and lunch are still the most enjoyable way of being together. And then there's lying around on the couch and annoying each other by reading sections of our book aloud to the other while they are trying to concentrate on their own chosen times! Lois