Monday, October 18, 2010

IDS West

I'm quite confident that the IDS West show is just going to keep getting better and better each year.  This year there were a few booths that stuck out in my mind as being great examples of what an Interior Design show should be about, but I still found myself yawning when I'd come around the corner and to find an appliance or fireplace booth.  Possibly I would have been in awe if I felt that those booths fit in with the current trends in interior design- but clearly, I was not their 'target market'.

I really love some of the trends that are shaping Interior Design at the moment: the use of natural materials like wood, stone, glass, metal, wool, linen and burlap. I'm so glad that a more eclectic mix of patterns and styles can be part of creating a great space.  And colour!  I like the all-white look, but have been craving hits of colour for some time.  That said, the turquoise hits in the photo above by the store Parliament Interiors were totally calling to me. 

I took more photos but realized that most of mine overlapped Jan's over at Poppytalk, who made sure she actually got the names, websites and links- oops. She's got about 5 posts up already of cool finds- Part 2 shows most of my favourites if you are interested!

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