Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In good company

I'm taking a break from launching more of my new work today to get my images sorted and passed on to my web-developer before he leaves for New Zealand (jealous!).
Instead, I wanted to point out that I'm in great company over at Poppytalk Handmade's Winter Market this month, and while there are tons of things that I would love to splurge on, I was thinking  (hint* hint*) that who ever picked my name this year for Christmas might need a little nudge to consider some of the above items!

Paige Russell's table features some amazing ceramics designs.  I love her new Muzo Collection of wildlife animals that you and I could possibly win over at her blog give-a-way ! Hello!

This hand-printed Tea towel by Katharine Watson totally appeals to my folk art sensibilities!

How cute is the packaging on Nostalgia Organics' lotions and soaps!

And I've been loving up in the air somewhere's paper mache bowls for a while.  These are totally sculptural and lovely!

Hope you have a lovely day!

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