Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Herringbone Collection in colour!

The Herringbone Colour-way pattern was one of the designs that came out of the work I did for the Kindred in Blue show that Krystal Speck and I created for the Bookhou shop in Toronto last June.  I was working in shades of blue and came up with this design for a number of pieces that sold at the show.  It was one of my favourite designs, and I couldn't wait to try it with other colours! I launched the bottle vase design (with my own photos) in 5 colour-ways back in the fall, but for this photo-shoot I honed in on 3 that were my favourite, the yellow-green, the blues and the orange-red.  I also thought the design might look great on a couple of bowls in shades of blue, and I'm so glad I tried it. 

This design really reminds me of the west coast.  I see the mountains in the blues, trees in the yellow-green and orange sunsets in the orange-red version of the design.  There is something really architectural about the pattern that fits in with my architectural paintings.  I couldn't help thinking about perspective and angles when I first started playing with it and I can really see myself pulling it into a painting... if I ever get time to do that again.

This is one of those patterns that I have to take my time in glazing.  Each zig-zagged area is hand-painted with glaze after I've mapped out the herringbone lines in tape.  Then a resist is applied so I can dip the white glaze onto the piece. A bit more resist and the herringbone tape gets removed with a lot of touching up as I go.  I quite like that those lines are a bit different then the white glaze, so in some cases a soft grey blue or with the orange, the clear glaze in those herringbone lines finishes it off nicely.  I'm looking forward to seeing this design evolve and move onto other pots- like a teapot would be pretty sweet too.  Next photoshoot- I promise!


Anonymous said...

I love my pair of herringbone mugs! They are beautiful!

dahlhaus said...

Thanks Nan! Glad to hear;)!