Wednesday, January 9, 2013

rhythm 'n blues

Well, here we are in January, fully back in the swing of things and I can't say I'm as happy about it as I should be.  I think with the 2 weeks of fever/cold thing I got the week before Christmas, I was not quite prepared to get back to the rhythm of work and school.  I have been meaning to blog, but every time I wrote something down it came out like a list of complaints.  Kind of like my boys who seem to have a whole host of complaints for me when I pick them up from school:  Why do they have to walk home instead of drive?  Why did I have to give them a sandwidge for lunch?  And why do they not get paid more money for setting the table at dinner like all their friends do?  And why can't they have everything they ever wanted for free????  I'm sure you get the idea.   So anyhow, today I resolved to put my own complaining behind and approach the year with a more positive attitude.  That doesn't mean I won't occasionally write about some of the challenges I face as a working ceramic artist, but I just wanted to be sure that I don't sound as annoying and entitled as my boys do when they forget all the great things they have and are doing in their lives. 
Here's to a rainbow kind of year.  They keep popping up everywhere so I'm sure it's a good sign!

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