Thursday, January 10, 2013

Around the house and our expanding view

Well the sun showed itself after much much rain and dark, so I finally had the urge to pick up a real camera (not just my handy phone) and take a few photos around the house after picking the boys up from school.  My sister and her little 3 year old collected all sorts of little mosses and twigs to make an airplant terrarium for me for Christmas.  So lovely, I'm enjoying it lots. And a few postcards from friends and artists I admire make an empty spot on the wall look fun.  I also love my new calender from Rifle Paper with sweet drawings of major cities and landmarks. 
And we have a room with a view (remember that movie?).   Anyways, there have been a few trees that were taken out giving us a bit more to look at over yonder.  One day that big California Redwood tree smack in the middle of our view may have to go.  As the neighbourhood story goes, there were a bunch of redwoods planted by a kindergarten class 50 years ago.  They are all so huge, so it's easy to see them and imagine little 5 year olds planting tiny trees in their back yards.  Little did they know that 50 years ago they would be the hugest trees on the block! 

Hope your year has started off well.  We are all looking forward to the weekend!

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