Monday, April 19, 2010

fresh, fresh, very fresh

I have a couple of special projects on the go that I've been keeping pretty low-pro on these days.  However, I'm not always great at keeping secrets when I'm happy with the results so this will have to be enough for now.  The 'icing on the cake' will be the gold luster that it's currently waiting for...
And in other news- fresh out of the kiln is my new ModernPop Teapot in Blue and White.  I had made on in Black and White if you remember, and have made 'similar' mugs and espresso cups with brown and reds and blues- so here's me playing with colour and really loving the results. 
Another firing to go this week with more fresh work to come:)

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Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOVE the teapot! How much do you sell them for?