Monday, April 12, 2010

The Cheaper Show 9

The Cheaper Show No. 9 from The Cheaper Show on Vimeo.
My good friend Fiona texted me the other night from the launch party to let me know that I (specifically my paintings) got into the 9th annual 'Cheaper Show' here in Vancouver.  Out of 950 artists internationally, the show curates only 200 artists to be part of the show and being included is a total honour. 400 pieces of art by 200 different artists for $200 each is the concept of the show.  Check out the video- it's pretty great at describing the concept and idea behind the show!
The Cheaper Show
June 26, 2010
Place/Times: TBA
- Up-date: The 'rumour's' been confirmed! You can find me here.


Anonymous said...

congrats! :D

Janna Maria Vallee said...

AMAZING! Congrats Heather.