Monday, January 4, 2010

One last story of Christmas

One of our hopes over the holidays is usually to make some special memories.  One of our favourites was attending the Caravan Farm Theatre, where we were able to travel from scene to scene of a play on the back of a horse and carriage.  The play, called The Story was based on the Nativity scene.  A babbling angel Gabriel, a rhyming Mary who's expanding girth miraculously happens all in one scene (with the help of a balloon getting blown up?), some peculiar wise men and a singing madrigal playing our favourite carols on the mandolin made for some great Christmas entertainment.  A warm fire and the horse drawn carriages guiding us from scene to scene made for some really lasting memories for us all! 

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Ashley Schott said...

That sounds so amazing! I love traditions like that that you look forward to every year:) Gorgeous pictures!