Monday, January 11, 2010

Lovely New Things

I'm not sure about your gifts, but some years, Christmas gifts have been a little hit or miss for me.  Great intentions and well wishes aside, there are just some things that I don't need or want, but can't quite get the courage to ask for the receipt for fear of hurting someone's feelings.  I don't want to be that gift-giver myself, you know, the kind who isn't really in tune with what the person likes or wants.  Often hand-made gifts are slightly easier for me to give, because there is that story behind them- how I found them, who the maker is and where they live all adds to the beauty of what I'm able to give. 

This past Christmas  I only had handmade on my list, and Dean and I gave each other some really lovely things that are making there way into our home and lives. 
The Sandra Juto Print that I got matted and framed for Dean, reminds him of his stove-top espresso days before the plug-in one arrived.
The Camilla Engman book by Uppercase, complete with little prints (included in the book) that I've put in vintage frames for around the house inspiration.
My new mittens from Granted, which I'm hoping to start wearing soon, when the weather here gets a little colder...
Hope your day is starting to be more lovely with some of the gifts that you received/gave:)


becka said...

Sandra Juto and Camilla Engman! So perfect, two of my favourite artists! I've been wanting that book for awhile now, I might just have to do it now that I've had a peek inside!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog post, I'm so glad to have met you through this crafty internet world!

dahlhaus said...

you do need to buy the Camilla book- it's amazing!
Hope to see you soon Becka!