Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coming out of the Fog

In an attempt not to dwell on past errors in judgment, I'm hoping to be able to merely write a simple post clarifying intentions, hopes and dreams.  Things are a little foggy at the moment.  I've gone and stuck my neck out and realized that I was the only one out there and I looked unprofessional doing it.  Popular opinion verses my opinion.  Wasn't pretty. 
All that said, I happen to be a very passionate ceramic artist.  I'm not really a business person. I never went into ceramics for the money.  In the end, I would love to get paid well enough for what I make, but in the end, all I want to do is to create and make.  Ceramics is an area I am particularly dedicated to.  I love the process of clay from beginning to end.  From a ball of clay on the wheel to painting and dipping bisques pots into glazes that I've formulated and made myself.  My hands touch each piece that I make over a hundred times before they get passed along to galleries or to my customers.  I want my work to resonate the hand-made process.  That process took years to develop. It takes time to recreate consistently.  It is a skill, but also it is a deep passion that has to drive one to be committed enough to the process to do it again and again. 
I believe that there are many other ceramic artists out there like myself.  Others that are dedicated to producing and making phenomenal work.  I was just so disappointed when the popular vote didn't see that.  It wasn't about winning or losing, it was more a dismay that people don't realize that there is a difference between an ceramic artist and a business that makes ceramic objects.  It might have cost me some sales, but hopefully not my reputation... now, enough said, time to move on!


Daisy said...

Your post was right on and I think you had a lot of support for it. I know my friends have been talking about it. The responses to your post were way out of line (and a little crazy). Don't take them personally. You were RIGHT.

dahlhaus said...

Thanks for your words of support Daisy. My biggest mistake in all of this was my wording- I really didn't mean to be dis-respectful of other ceramic businesses out there that are different than what I do, but it came across as that. Note to self: read and re-read before pressing publish.