Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New ceramics on the Block!

I've really enjoyed getting to know Claire Madill recently, a 'new' ceramic artist that has her studio upstairs from mine. She graduated from Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in 2007 from the same ceramics program I went through, but with different instruction and skills learned, she's all about slip-casting vintage items and patterns. Her new website just went up and I had to pass it along! I really love these new bottom jars: Edna, Vera & Mary, each size named after her 3 grandmothers! I've been admiring her porcelain jewelry for a while too (photo at the top) and might need to buy some closer to Christmas! She promises that her etsy shop will get stocked and open soon; in the meantime, her work is available at the Gallery of BC Ceramics in Vancouver, and Distill Gallery in Toronto!

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