Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This lovely little family made a home in my sister's hanging basket just outside of her kitchen window. It was really neat to see both parents working together to bring these 4 little ones their food (bugs and flies!). When mom and dad were out getting bugs I was able to peek in and snap a photograph of the little birds- a rare treat to see, especially so late in the season!
Speaking of family, I've got one more night and day without my other half. Single parenting isn't my strongest suit. I much prefer to have Dean around to spell me off or to do things together with. I also miss him and am looking forward to his return. Unfortunately, our holiday plans went up in smoke the other night (quite literally). The forest fires that are currently raging near Kelowna are about 4 km away from a condo we had booked. While I'm pretty bummed about our foiled holiday plans, I feel for the residents who have had to evacuate and are sleeping in School Gyms or hotels, wondering if their homes will still be standing when they get back.

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