Monday, August 17, 2009

Home from Holiday Part 1

Well we are back from a week in Vernon, where we stayed with our good friends Marvin and Jenny and their 2 daughters that are the same ages as our boys. I'd love to tell you all that it was an amazing holiday, but to be completely honest, I was sick in bed for much of the week... Yuck. We arrived last monday and I was already feeling really tired and a bit off, but managed to make it with the family to the local farmer's market and up to SilverStar Mountain (middle image) for a hike. The fresh mountain air and wild-flowers up and down the hill were really something special to see, especially since we usually go up there in the middle of winter. I also managed to enjoy an amazing meal that Marvin made while he had his day off. From that point on I was pretty much flat out in bed for a whole day+ with a fever of a 104, the chills, the aches, an incredibly sore throat and so tired. It wasn't until friday that I finally made it to the doctor to find out that I had Strep Throat and needed to be on antibiotics. Amazingly, my boys had a great time, dispite the cloudy/wet and cold weather that was highly unusual for Vernon's usual hot and dry summer climate.
I will say that my two big highlights were going to the Value Village and finding a score of stuff- both for the boys and for myself (will share more tomorrow!), and I got to see the movie Julie & Julia! I won't spoil it for any of you who haven't gone- but I was smitten!
We are home for a couple of days and then off to Vancouver Island for the weekend... as long as no one else gets sick.

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