Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A visit with Laura McKibbon!

I happen to be a part of a studio building that is full of amazing ceramic artists and Laura McKibbon happens to be one of them! I met Laura a few years ago when she and I both had studios on Granville Island. I was just starting to explore the idea of making living out of ceramics (with the kids being still really young) and Laura's studio was across the alley from mine. I immediately loved her work, found her really approachable and it was great to make a connection. I was up in her studio this afternoon asking her some biz tips, which she was so kind to help me with! Between that and working out a little trade, I thought it might be nice to post about her today.
Laura's work work is sold in shops all over the world- check it out here to find a location near you! Her signature look has been her black silk-screened images on a white or pastel backgrounds, but she has been working on some new beautiful Lamp shades (image on the top) with patterns pressed and/or printed on them. She has recently done some amazing shows- there are links on the front page of her website that you can check out to see more images, especially from the beautiful bathroom project that she and Jasna Sokolovic, (another great ceramic friend I know from Emily Carr days) did together in Toronto at the Gladstone Hotel. Jasna and Laura often collaborate on projects together, which I think is really wonderful!

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